Our Services

ITEES is well positioned to provide a comprehensive suite of training solutions to meet the training demands of your TVET institutions and organisations. We bring a wealth of extensive experience garnered from ITE, our parent company, to help governments, institutions, agencies and corporate entities develop skilled manpower for the industries and economy. With more than 2 decades of international experience in TVET consultancy, we have the necessary expertise and capabilities to support your TVET development needs.

By leveraging on ITE’s expertise in TVET (~1,500 veteran TVET professionals and a wide network of industry and institutional partners), ITEES is able to offer a range of TVET services for its partners. These services are designed to support our international partners in developing and strengthening their TVET systems and addressing their local skilled manpower needs. To-date, ITEES has carried out TVET development projects in some 30 countries.