Capability Development in Pedagogy for National Skills Standard Authority (NSSA)


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ITEES implemented a Competency-based Instructor Training Programme for Myanmar’s National Skills Standard Authority (NSSA) to improve the TVET curriculum quality in Myanmar.

About the project

Project Scope: For this capability development programme, there were 2 parts:

  1. To train an initial core group of TVET instructors in pedagogical skills
  2. To assist NSSA in setting up a competency-based Instructor Training system for TVET instructors under the purview of NSSA.

Impact & Outcome:

Part 1

  • 160 instructors from NSSA member government ministries affiliated centres and professional bodies were trained in the following areas:
    • 2-week Instructing & Assessing for institutional-based Instructors
    • 2-week Coaching & Conducting OJT for workshop-based Instructors
    • 1 week immersion programme in Singapore, providing valuable exposure to best practices in instructional techniques
    • 1 week Multiplier Training, empowering the participants with the knowledge and skills to become effective trainers themselves

Part 2

  • 64 out of the 160 participants were chosen for further training as Master trainers. These Master trainers were equipped to establish a competency-based instructor training system to support pre-deployment training and continual development opportunities for instructors across all ministries in Myanmar. The adoption of this system ensured that new and existing instructors receive high-quality training, resulting in a substantial enhancement of the overall instructional quality in the country.

This project was co-funded by Temasek Foundation, Singapore.

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