Multi-Discipline Leaders/Specialists Programme for Sichuan Provincial Education Department (SPED)


Capability • Leadership

This was a capability development project for Sichuan Provincial Education Department (SPED), China, which aimed to enhance the capability of its TVET leaders and upgrade the pedagogic and technical competencies of its TVET trainers.

About the project

Project Scope: ITEES conducted 1 run of Leadership Training Workshop (LTW) in Singapore, 1 run Master Pedagogy Programmes in Sichuan and Singapore, and 2 runs Master Technical Programmes in Precision Engineering and Mechatronics in Singapore.

Impact & Outcome: In total, 572 TVET leaders and trainers benefited from both the direct and indirect training. At the institutional level, the TVET Academic Leaders and Master Trainers were able to implement systemic changes in the delivery of TVET at their respective institutions, after the training.

This programme was co-funded by Temasek Foundation, Singapore.

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