TVET Master Trainers Pedagogy Programme (MTPP) for Ministry of Youth Affairs and Skills Development (MYASD)

Sri Lanka


This project aimed to build the pedagogical capability of TVET trainers from MYASD in Sri Lanka and equip them with knowledge and skills to develop effective instructional materials and to deliver training effectively.

About the project

Project Scope: This programme was conducted in 4 runs with 30 participants per run. Each run of MTPP comprises 3 weeks of training in Sri Lanka, 3 months of practicum at respective colleges in Sri Lanka and 2 weeks of training in Singapore. Upon completion of the training, the 30 trained Master Trainers shared what they have learnt to another 150 other TVET trainers. In this project, trainers learnt to design and develop competence-based instructional plans, design student-centred learning activities and develop print-based leaner’s guide and learning documents.

Impact & Outcome: In total, 120 Master Trainers were trained in this programme and 600 trainers benefitted from the Multiplier Trainings conducted by the 30 trained Master trainers upon completion of the MTPP.

This project was co-funded by Temasek Foundation, Singapore. 

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