Capability Development Programme for Technical and Vocational Education Department, Ministry of Education and Sports


Capability • Leadership

This project was developed to enhance the competence of teachers and to build up a core group of trained leaders and trainers as change agents to improve the overall TVET system in Laos.

About the project

Project Scope: The project consisted of 3 programmes as follows:

  • Leaders Training Workshop (LTW) for TVET Leaders
  • Master Trainers Pedagogy Programme (MTPP) for Master Trainers
  • Technical Training Programme (TTP) for Electrical Trainers

The 2-week LTW was conducted from 27 Aug to 5 Sep 2012. It was attended by 30 Directors and Deputy Directors from relevant departments. The participants learned about ITE’s various strategies in aligning its TVET System to the needs of the economy and how the strategies led to actionable plans to continually improve the TVET system in tandem to the changing industry landscape.

The MTPP was conducted from Feb to Aug 2013 both in Laos and Singapore, where the participants learned best practices in TVET pedagogy from ITE.  A total of 29 participants completed all 3 stages of the MTPP.

The TTP for 30 Electrical Trainers was successfully completed from Mar to Apr 2013, with Stage 1 training conducted in Lao-German Technical School and ITE College West, Singapore.  The programme enhanced the pedagogy and technical capability of 30 Master Trainers in Electrical Technology through a 2-week classroom training in Lao PDR and a 2-week practicum training in Singapore.

This project was co-funded by Temasek Foundation, Singapore.

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