Leadership and Capability Development Programme for Technical Education and Skills Development Authority


Capability • Leadership

This was a capacity building programme for 25 TVET leaders and 75 TVET specialists in the areas of Design Thinking Immersion and Entrepreneurship for Innovation, Strategic Planning and Technical Skills.

About the project

Project Scope: Riding on the success of previous projects, in 2018, ITEES collaborated with Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) for the fourth time to implement a capability development programme comprising the following:

Strategic Planning and Implementation (SPI)

The 1-week training programme was conducted in ITE from 25 to 29 Jun 2018 for 25 TVET Leaders from TESDA who were involved in policy making and strategic planning within TESDA. They were equipped with essential leadership and management skills in managing and developing strategic planning in their vocational institutions.

Design Thinking Immersion (DTI) and Entrepreneurship for Innovation (EFI) Programme

The 2-week training programme was conducted in Philippines and Singapore from 17 to 28 Sep 2018 for 25 TVET Master Trainers from TESDA. The TVET Master Trainers were able to gain a good understanding of the Design Thinking process and applying it to drive innovation. During the course, they learnt the importance of understanding user needs, went on a hands-on deep dive into users’ problems and desires and eventually developed holistic and innovative solutions to achieve desired outcome.

Technical Skills Upgrading Programme (TSUP)

The 3-week training programme was carried out to enhance the technical competence of Master Trainers from the vocational institutions under the purview of TESDA. Two runs of training in the areas of Electrical Installation and Maintenance and Building Information Modelling were conducted in both Philippines and Singapore from 27 May to 21 Jun 2019 (24 Master Trainers) and 9 to 27 Sep 2019 (26 Master Trainers).

Impact & Outcome: A total of 25 TVET Leaders and 75 TVET Master Trainers were trained during the programme and an additional 124 TVET Leaders and 373 TVET Trainers benefitted through a series of Post-Training Sharing Workshops.

This programme was co-funded by Temasek Foundation, Singapore.

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