Train-The-Trainer Programme for Lazada eLogistics



This programme was specially designed and conducted for industry and in-house trainers to equip them with the knowledge and skills to develop On-the-Job Training (OJT) programmes for company workers in particular new employees, including assessment and evaluation on the effectiveness of the OJT programmes. a specific trainee or groups of trainees within an organisation, and to evaluate the effectiveness of the programme.

About the project

Project Scope: In Jun 2018, ITEES conducted a 4-day Train-the-Trainer in Design and Develop OJT Programme in Vietnam for the trainers of Lazada, Vietnam. Besides presentation and sharing by the training consultants, participants were also asked to develop OJT blueprints and to reflect on their own practices in evaluating OJT effectiveness, both in individual and group settings. The participants were equipped with knowledge and skills as follows:

  1. Determine OJT learning outcomes, learners’ profile, competency gaps with references to OJT Task List and/or Skills Standards
  2. Identify technical, methodological, sociological and personal competences
  3. Identify, analyse, assess OJT tasks with appropriate training aids
  4. Prepare/request/procure OJT facilities, equipment, materials and training aids
  5. Adapt and contextualise OJT training and assessment materials

Impact & Outcome: All 12 training participants passed the assessment by ITEES training consultants at the end of the programme.

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