Leadership and Capability Development Programme for Ministry of Industry


Capability • Leadership

Capability and capacity building for 25 leaders and 75 specialists in leadership and technical skills in machinery engineering, electricity utilisation installation and industrial automation engineering in Singapore.

About the project

Project Scope: In 2017, ITEES collaborated with Ministry of Industry (MOI), Indonesia to implement a leadership and capability development project to build a core group of trained leaders and trainers to enhance the capability of its TVET professionals.  For this project, ITEES conducted the following programmes:

Leaders Training Workshop (LTW)

The 2-week training programme was conducted in ITE from 19 Feb to 2 Mar 2018 for 25 TVET Leaders. They were equipped with essential leadership and management skills in managing and promoting academic excellence in their vocational colleges.

Technical Skill Upgrading Programme (TSUP)

The 2-week training programme was carried out to enhance the technical competence of Master Trainers from the vocational colleges under the purview of MOI, Indonesia. Three runs of training in the areas of Electricity Utilisation Installation and Industrial Automation Engineering were conducted from 17 to 28 Sep 2018 (50 Master Trainers) and Machinery Engineering were conducted from 10 to 21 Dec 2018 (24 Master Trainers). All training programmes were conducted in Singapore.

Impact & Outcome: A total of 25 TVET Leaders and 74 Master Trainers were trained directly in this programme in Singapore. Another 288 TVET Leaders and 351 TVET Trainers were train through a series of Post-Training Sharing Workshop.

This programme was co-funded by Temasek Foundation, Singapore.

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