Leadership Development Programme in Industry 4.0 for Ministry of Industry



This is a programme to build the leadership and capacity of 100 TVET leaders from the Ministry of Industry, Indonesia, to be ready for digital transformation and be aligned with the country's Industry 4.0 roadmap.

About the project

Project Scope: A 6-day Leaders Training Workshop (LTW) was jointly developed by ITEES and Ministry of Industry, Indonesia for TVET Leaders to enhance their knowledge on the best practices of leading and managing an effective TVET institution, aligned to Indonesia’s Industry 4.0 strategies and its key technologies. Two runs of LTW were conducted from 21 to 30 Mar 2022 and 27 Jun to 6 Jul 2022 via Zoom.

Impact & Outcome: A total of 95 TVET Leaders were trained directly from this programme and an additional 300 TVET Leaders benefitted through a series of Post-Training Sharing Workshop.

This programme was co-funded by Temasek Foundation, Singapore.

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