Leadership Training Workshop for TVET Leaders of Industrial Training Institutes


Leadership • Quality

This was a capacity building project to equip TVET leaders with management skills and knowledge in running a high performing TVET institution.

About the project

Project Scope: The Leadership Training Workshop was designed for TVET mid-level policy makers and ITI leaders who are involved in TVET policy making, management and operations.  During the Covid-19 pandemic, this workshop was conducted via synchronous online training mode to share the best practices by ITE management staff and learning of systems and processes in various aspects of TVET administration and delivery. Through virtual tours of ITE Colleges, the participants learned how ITE’s facilities and training delivery were integrated to provide holistic education for TVET students.

Impact & Outcome: A total of 210 leaders (Principals, Vice-Principals, Directors and Heads of Departments of ITIs) were trained during the online Leaders Training Workshop that was conducted from 7 to 11 Jun 2021.

This programme was co-funded by Asian Development Bank.

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