Curriculum Design Workshop for Mauritius Institute of Training and Development (MITD)


Academic • Capability

This programme enhanced the skills of MITD Master Trainers in TVET curriculum design and development.

About the project

Project Scope: This was a 10-day training with the following objectives:

  • To share curriculum development approach used by ITE in meeting the industry needs
  • To enhance the knowledge and skills of Curriculum Specialists through classroom and practical training in curriculum design and development

Impact & Outcome: Upon completion of the programme, the participants developed 5 sets of curriculum documents. These participants continued to use their knowledge and skills in developing full set of curriculum documents and roll out new courses upon returning to Mauritius. The workshop participants included 19 officers from MITD, 1 officer from Mauritius Institute of Education and 9 observers from other organisations including Mauritius Exam Syndicate, Minister of Education and Mauritius Qualifications Authority.

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