Capability Development Programme for Lao Youth Union


Capability • Leadership

This project was implemented to build capabilities of leaders and to enhance the curriculum design and development skills of the trainers so that they could support as change agents in transforming their TVET system.

About the project

Project Scope: In this project, ITEES conducted a Curriculum Design, Development and Assessment Programme (CDDA), a Leadership Training Programme (LTP) and a Strategic Plan Implementation (SPI) for LYU.  The objectives of this project were:

  • To help LYU to build a core group of TVET master trainers as change agents to improve the TVET delivery through curriculum design and development skills;
  • To further enhance the leadership and the management of the Vocational Training Centres;
  • To share with LYU on the process of implementing strategic plans and facilitate a discussion towards the development of action plans by the leadership.

The 3-day SPI was conducted in Mar 2014 in Lao PDR and attended by 25 key leaders from LYU Headquarters who were involved in policies and strategic planning. The 4-week CDDA programme was conducted in May 2014 in Lao PDR and the 2-week LTP was conducted in Jul 2014.

Impact & Outcome:  Twenty Master Trainers upgraded their competency in curriculum design, development and assessment through CDDA.  The LTP and SPI strengthened the leadership and management competence of 9 leaders. The leadership group comprised 3 staff from the LYU Headquarters and 6 Centre Directors.

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